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Quickly become a Follow-Me member, the first & Second member answer the question in Facebook
You can carry the AirPods back home.


We are already prepare AirPods now!!!

Date: 16/10,18/10 & 20/10/2017

Application Requirement:Join Follow-Me Member Join Member / Share & Like Our Facebook Page Facebook Page

Prize:AirPods (Every time there are two lucky ones)

Rules of the game:

1. The date of the event is from October 9, 2017 to October 23, 2017, 23:59, all times follow ‘Follow-me’ server.
2. Participation method:At,facebook, Wechat answer to the follow-me editor’s question, the quickest answer to the contestants will get a set of Apple AirPods.
3. The fastest 2 winners and the answer to the question, the winner will receive the value of $ 1,288 Apple AirPods wireless headset. In addition, each participant can only award at most once, if the number of participants is insufficient or the winner is not eligible for the award, the prize will be canceled without notice.
4. After the event, Follow-me will contact the winner to verify the personal information and make the award.
5. Winners will be required to receive prizes before the appointed date, otherwise they will be deemed to be a waiver.
6. Participants must agree and authorize Follow-me to collect, process and use their personal information for award, postal prizes or all other related uses. Participants must ensure that all information submitted or submitted is complete and true and does not involve unauthorized third party information, and that the offender will be disqualified.
7. This activity is not sponsored, endorsed or managed by Facebook, Instagram, or WeChat, or has any association with it. The information of the participants is provided to Follow-me and not to Facebook, Instagram, or WeChat. The information provided by the participants will be used only for the purposes stated in this activity or the terms.
8. Disappearance of Facebook, Instagram, or WeChat’s account or any suspected or confirmed fraudulent case involving participation in promotional activities and / or in exchange for prizes may result in the registration and / or winners of the participant Prizes are canceled and / or suspended.
9. In the event of any information, such as computer, internet, telephone, technical or non-attributable to Follow-me, the information sent by the participant or the follow-me is delayed, lost, Can not recognize or damage the situation, Follow-me does not take any legal responsibility, the participants shall not make any objection.
10. All prizes shall not be transferred, shall not be exchanged for cash and shall not be returned and subject to the relevant terms and conditions. Follow-me shall not be liable for the quality and maintenance of prizes.
11. Once the winner receives the gift, if any damage, loss or theft, Follow-me will not be issued to any proof or compensation.
12. If this activity is not enforceable for special reasons for force majeure, Follow-me reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the activity or change the equivalent.
13. Participants are hereby agreed to accept the specifications of this activity, and if they violate the activities of this event, Follow-me will cancel their participation or award, and for any act that destroys the activity Related rights.
14. Follow-me reserves the right to make the final decision on all activities, including changes to the terms and conditions of the event, awards and other arrangements, without further notice.




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