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IPhone back to youth only HK 228?


Apple announced today an immediate reduction of $ 29 in battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and all newer models.

Apple had previously said it would offer a cheaper battery replacement in late January, but we read the press release again to delete the timeframe and have confirmed the change in a TechCrunch statement.

We expect more time to be prepared, but we are happy to offer our customers a lower price. Some initial battery replacement supplies may be limited.

Apple typically charges a $ 635 off-warranty iPhone battery replacement charge as some of the old iPhone batteries in power management use a lower-battery performance to avoid accidental shutdown, but after being discovered by Geekbench, the public response is very negative, so it Lower the price by HK $ 407.

We recommend that you contact Apple Support by phone, live chat, email or Twitter, or use the Apple Support App to make an Appointment appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar. You can also consult the selected Apple Authorized Service Provider to replace the battery.

So have any feelings? hmm … I’m like the famous Youtuber idea:

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