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Apple: The fare reduction is the best solution.

Change the battery can no longer go to unknown shops


Starting in 2018, Apple reduced the cost of replacing the battery from $ 79 to $ 29, trying to erase its efficiency and lead to an extremely poor PR image.

About a month ago, Apple’s Geekbench found that Apple would reduce the CPU performance of old iPhones and iPad CPUs with old batteries by 30%, while Apple directly confirmed this, no matter what its purpose is. This is for User very bad feeling yet.

Apple said the performance reduction is to ensure that the CPU can not be affected or destroyed in the unstable output power of the old battery, so that the old machine’s life longer. In fact, this is nothing new, as early as many years ago, Apple Mac also joined such a defense mechanism.

Regardless of how positive the rationale is, the fall in efficiency incidents is like a wildfire, turning Apple’s PR image so negative that it has brought several class actions in the United States and others in the United States.

Therefore, Apple in order to remedy the ever-declining positive public relations image, had to come out the most direct remedy is to cut prices. Starting in 2018, but useful users want to change the battery, they can get the apple where the replacement, the price is 29 US dollars (no longer 79 US dollars).

This incident reminds me of the Antenna Door event of the year, Steve Jobs’s super public relations wrist, and Tim Cook has no such ability Oh.

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