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A major security flaw found on Intel chips that requires software updates before they can be repaired may have a negative effect on the Mac’s performance, such as slowing down. A report shows that Intel’s “design blunders” have affected all Intel chips produced in the past decade.

Intel is considered the best processor in consumer and professional equipment. They are the preferred processors for most ideas, players and major businesses (and most of the people in fact). But it seems that over the years, Intel chips have been hidden in a secret.

Intel serious security vulnerability
According to The Register, all Intel chips produced over the past 10 years have serious security holes that allow desktop programs to read portions of the protected kernel’s memory. This can include data such as passwords, login keys, and other sensitive information.

So Xiao Bian think the choice of Intel users are very worried, but it affects not only those who run Windows, Linux and MacOS people. And according to The Register, the exact details are not known until now – just knowing that Intel stopped all deliveries by the end of the month

The report warned again: “In the worst case, programs and logged-in users may be abusing this vulnerability to read the contents of kernel memory.”

“The kernel’s memory space is hidden from user processes and programs because it may contain a variety of protected information such as passwords, login keys, files cached from disk, etc. Imagine if you were running in a browser A piece of JavaScript, or some malware running on a shared public cloud server, makes it easy to get sensitive kernel protection data.

Repair will affect performance
The only way to solve this problem is to isolate kernel memory from user processes. This requires a program called Kernel Page Table Isolation, but this can lead to performance degradation. Windows and Linux machines may experience a 5% to 30% reduction in speed.

It is not yet clear what the effects under macOS may be.
Software updates for Windows and Linux are already under development and Tim Cook’s Apple may be under repair, although the report does not mention Apple. When the patch is released, we will have a deeper understanding of its impact.

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