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The world’s first with LED lights + LCD + touch button ~ credit card


Credit card is indispensable to modern people. Although it is a very useful thing, it is also a card that deserves attention, as it happens when credit card information is copied or stolen and so on.

Just a few days ago, Sumitomo Mitsui Card revealed the upcoming release of the world’s first “credit card with a lock” to reduce this concern. It is said that the card is equipped with LED lights, LCD, touch buttons. Let’s take a look at the new high-performance cards with motion pictures.

The plan is to be developed in Japan this year

According to the Mitsui Sumitomo Credit will be announced on January 8, 2018 in Las Vegas Electronics Show “CES 2018” announced plans with the United States “Dynamics Inc.” announced in 2018 plans to 2018 in Japan market development .

As I mentioned at the beginning, LED is the new card lights, equipped with LCD, touch the button to enter the number. Each time a credit card is used, the user enters the password by himself or herself and sets the activation by touching the button.

High safety performance

When activated, the card number is displayed on the LCD and the magnetic stripe IC chip is only displayed when in use. When not in use, the card number is not displayed, the function stops, the card can not be used. The card information is hidden except when used.

“Dynamics Introduces Short Video Using Powerpoint and Audio in CES 2018”. When you press the on / off button … Sue! The LED will light and the card will start. So far, this is one of the many features we’ve added to the card.

“Credit card with lock” can be suppressed in theft, credit card information is copied to a minimum. If carried out as planned, “the safest safety in the world” will soon be found in Japan.


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