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Guess the World Cup Championship


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Submission deadline:12:59 pm, June 12-30, 2018

1. Reply to the 2018 World Cup Champion【Prize】HomePod 1 + 200 Cash Discount
2. Answers to the 2018 World Cup Finals 4 [Second Prize] 200 cash discounts 20 Units
3. Answer to the Top 16 of the 2018 World Cup [Consolation Award] 100 Cash Discount 50 Units

How to join: (Please do it!)

1. “Like” & Share Post (Please set “Lost” to public)

2. Go to our website and fill out and submit the “Guess the World Cup Champions” form
The submitted information includes:
* Name of submission: (Last name must be similar to personal identification document)
* Email:
* Contact Phone:
* Quiz “Guess the World Cup Champions” answer

Notice of results:
1. After the submission deadline is over, one selected candidate will be selected from the footsteps and the message of the AFC Champions team and a HomePod 1 + 200 cash discount will be provided for a simple question. Answer the top 4 team’s message and select 20 candidates, and answer a simple question to get 200 cash discount. A. Select the 50 selected candidates in the messages of the top 16 teams and obtain 100 cash discounts by answering a simple question. (The number of events cannot be transferred)
2. Follow-Me will notify the selected recipients by email before July 17. Those who have not received the notification will not be selected.
3. Those who fail to reply within 2 days of the selection of the “Grand Prize” message will be considered as a waiver. Follow-Me reserves the right to replenish the list.

1. All participants participate in this activity and at the same time, they fully read, understood and agreed to all terms.
2. Participation in the name of a group, page, or group is not accepted.
3. Each person is limited to one submission and repeated submissions are considered unqualified.
4. The participant must ensure that the account is held by himself and does not accept an account with another account or with another person or non-participant.
5. The participant’s personal account last name must be the same as the last name on the personal identification document, otherwise it will not be accepted as valid participation qualification.
6. The quota is not transferable.
7. All participants must ensure that all specified steps are completed.
8. Participants are required to ensure that the contents of “Like Praise” and “Post Message Sharing” are set to full disclosure, so as to ensure that we and related parties check the steps. The results of the steps are based on the equipment display of us and related units.
9. All latecomers are considered invalid.
10. Participants have no objection to the decision on the outcome.
11. All participants must be members of the Follow-Me club. If the participant has not yet become a member at this event, the participant will automatically become a Follow-Me member.
12. Gifts and cash offers for all events may not be transferred, resold, returned or exchanged for money.
13. If the participant is outside Hong Kong, please make sure that you can attend this event (if selected) and that the cost of the journey is your own responsibility.
14. In the event of any dispute, the final decision of Follow-Me shall prevail. No objections are allowed.
15. Follow-Me reserves the right to make the final decision.
16. Follow-Me and its affiliates will not be liable for any loss or compensation arising out of any mistake or assume any legal liability, irrespective of whether the error was due to the negligence of Follow-Me or any of its affiliates or other reasons.
17. Follow-Me has the absolute right to change the terms at any time without prior notice.
18. This event has nothing to do with Facebook or its affiliates.

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